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ERGHEIA2 is present on the market thanks to the experience acquired in the last decade in the field of renewable sources.

In fact, it mainly deals with the trade, packaging and distribution of 100% natural wood pellets.

The Company is based in Italy and sells all over the country. It ensures professionalism, reliability and timely delivery, thanks to the structure which has a capacity of over 20,000 tons of bulk and packaged product.

ERGHEIA2 is located near the Port of Naples and it has an area of 15,000 m2 (5,000 m2 covered) with a production plant for making bags of 10 and 15 kg.

The latest generation plants guarantee the quality of the product through on-site control processes, allowing the ENplus® certification of our products in A1 quality class.

ERGHEIA2 guarantees delivery even in difficult times of the season, where the stores are empty because of bad weather, that cause the failure to import wood from the producing countries.

The Company can provide the pellet in packaging with customized brand, upon acceptance of commercial contract.

What is pellet?

The pellets are small cylinders of pressed wood.

To produce one ton of pellets, it takes 6/8 cubic meters of wood chips and sawdust. The quality of these materials is decisive for the produced pellets.

To ensure the requirements of the market, are needed different quality controls: from the preparation to the control of the finished product.

The pelleting process hasn't need chemical glues: the natural presence of lignin and cellulose does so that, during the pressing, these elements cover up the fibers of the wood.

Moreover, the addition of starch and flour facilitates the pressing. So, the pellets will have remarkable resistence to abrasions.

The energy consumption required for the production and distribuction of the pellets is only 2,7% of final energy, compared to 10% of methane and 12% of gasoil.

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